A Home Grown Regional Consultancy

Established in 2013 as a joint venture between SLP and SCOTIA Properties Pte Ltd, SLP SCOTIA is a real estate solutions company spanning all 5 arms of Real Estate Business which includes Investment Sales, Project Management, Resale, Leasing and Training Academy. .

According to the Singapore Business Review 2014, SLP SCOTIA has made its way to the Top 10 Real Estate Agencies in Singapore.* The company is also on track in achieving its phase One growth target of 1000 agents by 2014. *As of Nov 2014.

In a business where size matters, the sheer number of close knitted associates allows the agency to both diversify and fortify along various departmental lines to take on the various segments of the real estate sector.

SLP SCOTIA has more than 30 local projects in its portfolio, which includes both high-end and mass-market developments, in addition to Industrial and Commercial projects. This excludes our appointments for numerous overseas projects.

Armed by such a myriad of projects to market, associates of SLP SCOTIA have multiple listings and get themselves started and rooted in the business.

SLP SCOTIA – Building Better Lives for All.

To deliver the best results to our valued clients via our Five Core Values of Success.

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Adaptibility
  • People Development
  • Social Responsibility
A premier home grown regional Real Estate Consultancy.