SLP SCOTIA is a full solutions Real Estate Consultancy with a track record in the following fields.

We have excelled in the fields of Corporate Leasing and we have established a strong clientele in the Landlord market. We also have a dedicated team of leasing executives who serve as account managers for our MNCs and Corporate tenants. Together, they ensure an almost end-to-end solution for our investors, landlords and tenants that will facilitate the renting and leasing of properties in Singapore.

Active in the en-bloc market is our Capital Market & Investment Sales department who have helped many of our clients make astute investments and turned in exceptional profits. Some notable examples include enbloc and land investment sales for sold out projects like Park Residences (Ex-Bungalow plot at Kovan), Metro Loft (Ex-Geylang Hotel), Pavillion Square (Ex-Geylang Petrol Kiosk), East Coast Coast Collection (Ex-Bungalow and Apartment blocks in D15 East Coast) etc.

Our Assets Management and Property Management arms are also specialists in managing the assets of our investment clients and ensure a fuss free experience for listing and managing their assets through us. From services that spans from key-issuing to the day to day management of their developments.

Completing our scope of service are our International Exhibition specialists who are well-versed in the local languages and cultures of the various international markets to gain maximum exposure for our valued clients when they market their projects through us.